with Chrissy Lloyd


My name is Chrissy Lloyd. I am 27 years old and an aspiring lifestyle blogger. My husband and I live in San Diego, CA and we have 4 children. I was born here in San Diego but I grew up in Cypress, TX. My style is a complete mix of Hollywood/country bumpkin, so trying to figure out where I fit in and feel most "comfortable" is challenging. My hobbies include playing in makeup, shopping, reading, interior decorating, DIY projects, painting, and blogging! I love self-help books, horoscopes, self-healing, anything "all natural", and did I already say decorating? I am also on a "Health Journey". We could just go ahead and call it a "weight loss journey"... but lately I've come to learn that health comes first and the weight loss will follow. I'm ecstatic to share pieces of my life with you and hear your feedback!